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Together with young digital talents, experts and VR / AR manufacturers, you are going through a course of established methods of agile product development.

The result is a concept for a future VR / AR application that is specifically tailored to your needs as well as your customers’ needs. Already in the lab you will get to know potential partners for sustainable cooperation.

The feedback from experts and specialists completes the lab and also provides a first "proof of concept" of your idea.

Next AR/VR Lab

  • Date: 24 November 2017
  • Location: Robotation Academy, Hanover/Germany

Facts & Figures

Key facts case partner


Key facts case partner
Audience Innovation consultants and innovation manager seeking for the latest digital trends

Entrepreneurs and company leaders seeking for new business opportunities

All Decision makers seeking for innovation, digital talents and disruptive technology
Scope of service
  • Drinks + snacks
  • coaching (design thinking, design thinking)
  • Website listing
  • Social media post
  • Access to creative minds
  • Access to innovation factory (online)
  • Hackvention creative lab package
Places available max. 10
Investment € 3.500
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Key facts creative minds


Key facts creative minds
Audience Hacker, developer, UI/UX specialists, designers, business developers, story teller, presenters
Scope of service
  • Drinks + snacks
  • coaching (design thinking, design thinking)
  • Website profile
  • Access to cases
  • Access to innovation factory (online)
  • Hackvention creative lab shirt
Places available max. 100
Investment € 25

Facts & Figures

Who should join? Corporations on the lookout for innovation, digital talent and disruptive technologies

Talents like coders, user-experience specialists, designers, business developers, project managers and entrepreneurial thinking people passionate about experiencing technological innovation at first hand in the hackathon with leading industry partners as well as software and hardware providers

Software and hardware providers seeking developer talents, international awareness, business partners and use-cases with leading corporate partners

Innovators looking for opportunities to create concepts in a professional environment

Anyone who is fascinated by the technology that is radically changing the world we live in and is passionate about generating new ideas and concepts
Location Robotation Academy
360521 Hanover/Germany
How exactly does the Creative Lab work? Within the Creative Lab, the participants pass through three different stages and work together with different teams, different coaches and finally create different ideas.
At the first stage, we focus within the "Business Needs Profiling" process on each companies’ business need by elaborating and prioritizing vital pains and gains.

At the second stage, we focus on "Feature Exploration" and outline which features relive gains and eliminate pains and then rank these features in a final solution canvas. While each of these two stages contains specific mentored quality gates, the solution and features will be presented within the final pitch to potential software and hardware providers, who decide on supporting the upcoming development process.
What comes after the Creative Lab? First the Creative Lab, then the Summit. The Creative Lab is the launching pad for the disruptive idea and the team that will later execute it.

Constantly challenged and mentored by our product development experts and mentors between the Creative Lab and Summit, we prepare teams with rapid prototyping essentials and product development knowledge for the final prototyping within the hackathon at the hackvention summit.


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