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Hackvention | Service for digitalization
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Carina Mentrup, Founder Saving Planet A

Carina Mentrup

"Immersive virtual reality experiences can bring environmental issues and climate change closer to the minds and hearts of people. VR can help us to gain a sense for the world - a sense that we so desperately need. Pitching at HACKVENTION 2016 has changed my life completely. Without this event my idea would have remained nothing but a dream."

Joke Frerichs, participant

joke frerichs

"For me, the 2016 Hackvention was an exciting weekend of new experiences. It’s a chance to team up with all kinds of different people and work on your own ideas. The weekend was also my entrée to the world of Virtual Reality."

Christian Steiner, Co-founder senselab.io

christian steiner 1

"An absolutely brilliant event for getting ideas people and implementation partners together. It's not often you get that kind of concentration of ideas, imagination and creativity all together in one place. If life was one big hackathon, then the Hackvention would be the class reunion."

Jonas Kunze, Co-founder Flyingshapes

jonas kunze

"We got to know our co-founder with his VR-CAD business idea at the first Hackvention. Today we work full time for our start-up flyingshapes to beam product design to the 21st century!"

Andreas Zeitler, Founder & CEO Vuframe Lab GmbH

Andreas Zeitler Vuframe

"The VRBase and Hackvention showcases at CeBIT 2017 were a major success for Vuframe. As a startup, we were able to pitch our technology to decision-makers from a whole range of industries. Afterwards we made dozens of contacts that we succeeded in converting into new customers, right there at the show."


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