Hackvention | Service for digitalization

Hackvention | Service for digitalization
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Silicon Valley, Australien, Europa, Israel, China & Indien

Experience the vibe of the world´s leading technology and innovation hotspots and rethink the changes of the digital age within a guided tour to aspiring startups, fast growing companies and leading innovators in hotspots like Tel Aviv, Shenzhen or Silicon Valley and many more.

24 Aug. 2017
Experience Tour

Our program is divided into four sections, subdivided into the units skills, innovation, networking and mindset. In this regard we appreciate your feedback on individual interests and priorities. Our goal is to provide the participants with the most sustainable and relevant content possible.

The journey of innovation runs from universities along research institutes, incubators and start-ups to large accelerator programs of pioneering ground-breaking technology companies.

Sustainable networking is based on giving and taking, exchange on a regular basis and shared experiences in a pleasant and inspiring, sometimes casual atmosphere.

Innovation starts with ideas in your head. Sometimes in a small garage and sometimes within a large innovation centre. The active commitment to rethink the existing system and the active use of innovations are important components.

How to network in Silicon Valley? How to develop valuable products focused on real customer needs? How to manage the engine of growth? How to find the right start-up for your own company? These are the most determining questions.

The Hackvention Experience Tour answers these questions and enables your company to understand how be innovative and how to use disruptive technologies.

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